Warranty Policy



Foshay Electric has a guarantee period of one year to the developer. This period begins at final electrical inspection. Foshay does not warranty the following components:

  • Light Bulbs/Lamps
  • Batteries
  • Thermostats
  • Security Systems
  • Decorative Fixtures
  • Appliances  

Voiding Warranties

These are some examples that will cause your home warranty to be voided:

  • Additional electrical work performed by others that is tied or tapped into original electrical system.
  • *Installation of items not compatible with originally installed devices: Example, LED lights connected to switches designed for incandescent.
  • *PLEASE NOTE, convenience outlets, typically in your garage and outside areas, are not intended to supply power for pool equipment, landscape lighting & fountains. These items should be supplied with their own dedicated circuits. Landscapers, tile setters and pool contractors, ect., should provide their own power source, ie: generators, during construction so as to not damage existing electrical circuitry.
  • If our service electrician determines that the issues(s) involved are the result of work performed by others, a minimum charge of $150.00 will be due.



LED Lights

Exhaust Fans

Circuit Breakers

Wiring Devices

Smoke Alarms


Coming Soon. 

Service REquest

Once you have exhausted all efforts to solve your issues by going through the “troubleshooting” links above and still feel the need to contact us, you may do so at service@foshayelectric.com. We ask that you provide the following information, as it is important to allow us to properly assist you.

Thank you. Request Sent!